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Just the Music! (Trent Talks Episode 2): The Lonely Parade

An interview with Lonely Parade singer/guitarists Augusta Veno -- plus songs from each of the band's two long plays: "Stomach" and "Long Winter Split" (remixed by James McKenty). We chat about their quick rise to local success, influences, the Peterborough music scene, the impact of academia on songwriting, and what is next for this young…
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Just the Music! (Trent Talks Episode 3): Nick Ferrio

Starting next season, we'll be having "Just the Music" and "Just the Lecture" mini-casts that will feature individual segments of the show.  "Just the Music" will feature interviews, new music, music from the Trent Radio archives and -- just maybe -- live music from the Trent Talks studio. This week, the segment gets a trial…
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