Peter Mills – Metamorphosis Book Release

Peter Mills, Trent alumnus is “a naturalist, always, and an artist where and when it fits,” and he just released a new book called Metamorphosis.

"Metamorphosis is a thorough and illuminating account of both halves of the double life of amphibians, who live in water and on land. The authors dual focus on both larval and adult amphibians opens a new realm of information, and new keys to species identification. It will bring a deeper level of understanding to the many naturalists who know the adults well enough, but have limited knowledge of that critical developmental first half of the lives of frogs, toads and salamanders.” (From the foreword by David M. Carroll.

The title is "METAMORPHOSIS: Ontario's Amphibians at all Stages of Development", and offers completely new perspectives on these creatures and tools for identifying them.  There is more information to be found here.

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