Play by Trent Alumnus Premieres at Toronto Fringe Festival

War TapesWar Tapes, a play written by Trent University alumnus, Christian Metaxas ‘10, hit the stage at the 2016 Toronto Fringe Festival in June.

“War Tapes is about intimacy and reality and how those things are shaped by a digital, networked lifestyle,” explains Mr. Metaxas. “It’s a story about identity, and what that means exactly when you can live an entire life over the Internet.”

The Toronto Fringe Festival began in 1989 as a way to celebrate underrepresented and marginalized voices within the performing arts. Since then, the festival has expanded beyond theatre, incorporating dance, visual arts, buskers, and site-specific performances.

During his time at Trent University, Mr. Metaxas majored in English Literature and minored in Sociology. He wrote for both student-run publications, The Arthur and Absynthe Magazine, and later became the production assistant for Absynthe. In 2013, Mr. Metaxas was awarded the Timothy Findley Creative Writing Prize. He commends the supportive and collaborative environment that extends beyond the classroom at Trent University, citing it as an aid to his present success.

“The English department offered creative writing classes, and a number of other professors were more than happy to weigh in with advice and their expertise. The department seemed to always help out however they could—whether it was assisting with projects, meeting to talk about coursework, or just to chat about whatever—it was nice knowing there was someone in your corner.”

“I met a lot of people during my undergraduate years that I still work on projects with even today,” adds Mr. Metaxas, noting that the show features alumni within the cast and is directed by fellow alumnus, Dane Shumak ‘11.

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