President Leo Groarke’s Toronto Star Commentary on The Peterborough Mosque Fire

Insists that the Real News is the Community Response and Support of Refugees

Trent President Leo Groarke has published acommentary piece in the Toronto Star in response to media coverage of the Peterborough Masjid Al-Salaam Mosque arson incident.

While he takes umbrage in the fact that much of the reporting focused on the negative aspects of the fire, his tone is overwhelmingly positive.

"What is news is that the Peterborough community responded in an overwhelmingly positive way to the incident," he writes, "highlighting a commitment to tolerance and a determination to be a community that welcomes everyone."

Groarke goes on to emphasize the importance of supporting refugees and the efforts to offer them new homes -- both in Peterborough and across the country.

"In the long run, an investment in refugee resettlement will be an investment in our most valuable resource — human resources — that has the potential to pay enormous dividends in the long run. Those who favour closing the door on refugees should keep in mind that poverty, refugee camps, and uncertain and diminished prospects for the future are a breeding ground for young terrorists. We can better build a secure future by providing tomorrow’s generation with productive lives in welcoming communities like Peterborough."

The Trent University community has shown commitment to supporting Syrian refugees, having raised more than $35,000 to support the World University Service of Canada Student Refugee Program (WUSC SRP).  The first Syrian refugee student will arrive at Trent as early as January 2016.

For the full story, please visit the Toronto Star website.

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