Robert Alvo – Being a Bird in North America Book Release

Robert Alvo - Being a Bird in North America Book coverWe’ve just received a copy of alumnus Robert Alvo’s new book, Being a Bird in North America, hot off the press!

Alvo is a conservation biologist, bird expert, and author of Being a Bird in North America.  He first discovered his passion for the natural world at age ten, when his family moved from Montreal to Greece, and his walk to school took him through the hills of Thessaloniki. His fascination with the birds and other wildlife in the countryside ignited his lifelong study of the natural world.

After high school, Alvo returned to Canada to study biology at Queen’s University in Kingston. While working on his Master’s degree at Trent University, Alvo examined the effects of acid rain on the Common Loon, and has continued that research for over thirty years. The latest results from this project were published in 2009, reporting on 25 years of research. (From

For more about Alvo please see here. 

Alvo was recently featured on CBC Ottawa, you can view the full interview here.

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