Excerpt of Fall 2016 TRENT Magazine: “All Hail Traill, The College on the Hill!”


a group of the new 2016 Traill college residents with principal Michael Eamon Smiling as they don their Trail ScarvesTraill has re-opened as a residential college. Principle Michael Eamon gives us full details, PLUS alumnus Greg Piasetzki launches Traill College endowment.

The Fall 2016 edition of Trent Magazine has been shipped out and is in the collective hands of our global alumni network. If you haven’t already taken a look at the stories features in this issue, please do! The magazine is a great way to keep up to date with what is going on in the Trent community.

The following is a story which was featured in this edition, written by Principal Michael Eamon concerning the re-establishment of Traill college as an undergraduate residence.


Guess who's back… back… back…
Back again!
Traill is back… back… back…
Tell yo friends, friends, friends!
Traill is back, Traill is back, Traill is back
Traill is back, Traill is back, Traill is back!

-New Traill cheer (with apologies to Eminem)

A funny thing happened this September. If you were to walk down London Street, a not-so-faint noise could be heard. For the first time in eight years, the sound of cheers echoed from the Kerr House and Scott House lawns. As many alumni are aware, last year Traill College was subject to an external review authored by Dr. Christopher Tindale, former Trent philosophy professor and a past senior tutor at Traill. With the release of the much-anticipated Traill Review this June, President Leo Groarke has appointed me to a three-year term as principal, so I could, in his words, “lead the transition to a new Traill which will embrace collegiate traditions.” He also gave the green light to an ambitious renovation project to bring residence spaces back to Wallis Hall for September. This fall we now have 27 new undergraduates living in residence, in addition to our 14 graduate apartments. Living out of college, almost 50 undergraduates and several hundred graduate students officially call Traill home.

It is my hope that the renewed Traill College will be one where alumni, undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and members of the Peterborough community will be welcome to engage in the life of the university. I would agree with Dr. Tindale’s assessment that “given the current makeup of Traill, there is an opportunity to promote the academic vision of the earlier model within the more practical realities of the contemporary university” (Traill Review, p. 6). Over the next three years, Traill will expand as an academic space for public lectures and seminars, visiting fellows and guest speakers. Traill College will be the downtown college, an oasis where great food, a pastoral setting, and a diverse public will spur on countless convivial conversations and entertaining moments. As the home of Continuing Education, lifelong learners will also be welcome to share their experience and gain new knowledge. Embracing the best of the collegiate tradition, Traill will be interdisciplinary, international and intergenerational in focus. Tradition will be our guide, but not an unbending one. A college should be an institution with a past—but not be stuck there.

This Orientation Week, I was particularly overwhelmed by the support of undergraduates from the other colleges at Trent. At the Opening Ceremonies, where hundreds of new students came together, everyone present shouted Traill’s cheers so that our 27 voices would not be drowned out. At the end of the week when Traill won the Great Race (in an effort that literally involved in the entire college) the whole crowd roared in support.

Traill is back. But, to be truthful, it never left. I feel very privileged to be able to build upon the legacy of staff, faculty, students and alumni who have done so much for Traill over the years. What truly is back, however, is a new sense of purpose for the future that will engage graduate students, undergraduates, and members of the great community alike. I hope that alumni, regardless of their college affiliation, will be like our current students. That is to say that I hope you will feel welcome at Traill, will come visit us, and will support our new initiatives as we prepare for the next half-century.

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