Maclean’s Magazine’s Trent University 411: Coolest electives, best hangover breakfast, and more

Students gathered around a table in the Ceilie Pub.Maclean's Magazine recently featured a "Trent University 101," where they offered an "insider's perspective" on the university. It's a light-hearted take on student life and a fun stroll down memory lane.

"Insider" Jordan Porter is a third year political studies student at Trent, minoring in philosophy. He's a senior writer at Arthur while also serving on their Board of Directors.

Some of the skinny?

Best place for a nap: The Pit in Lady Eaton College

Best cheap lunch: El Camino’s, or any burrito in town, really

Best hangover breakfast: The breakfast special at Whistle Stop Café

Favourite campus food: The Ceilie

Favourite watering hole: Pig’s Ear Tavern (RIP)

And there is much more. Check out the original article here.

But we want to know how all of this compares to your experience at Trent. What would this list have been like in 2007? How about 1967? If you're a recent grad (or even current student), what would your current list consist of?

Send us a one or more of your Trent 411's from your time here and you'll get the chance to win some great alumni swag. Simply email TRENT Magazine at or leave us a comment on Facebook and you'll be entered to win. We'll post those memories here at TRENT Magazine Live.

Some early comments from Facebook:

Anna Taylor writes: "Weirdest tradition is definitely LEC's broomball tournament."

Jeralyne Karen Manweiler writes: "I was a grad student with Peter Robinson and a Don at Traill. The landscape, the space, the people, the academic rigour, and the opportunities changed me. I am always grateful for my time at this wonderful institution!"

Nicki Sparks writes: "The most notorious bus route is clearly the George North."

Lindsay Reynolds writes: "Tray-bogganning down the Drumlin!"

Anna De Grauwe adds: "And down London Street!"

TRENT Magazine editor, Donald Fraser, has his own recollections:

Best campus event: Bacchus!

Best live-music venues: The now long-defunct Jolly Hangman. But, as a Traill-ite also took in some great shows at The Trend (played a few too).

Favourite watering hole: Depending on the mood, either the Commoner or the Only Café.

Best place for a nap: The comfy chairs in Bata. Particularly if you pulled two of them together to make a bed!

Enjoy the reminiscing!


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