Pig’s Ear Documentary Calls Out to Trent Community

When it was announced that the Pig’s Ear was closing, a crew of local filmmakers came together to document the historic pub’s final moments.

“We had the cameras rolling four days after the announcement was made,” says writer/director Peter Blow. Along the way, they caught some incredible scenes and captured the myriad emotions that were swirling around The Piggy community. Part celebration of the 150-year life of the bar, part heartfelt final tribute, the footage will ring familiar with anyone who has shared a tray over The Pig’s scarred, graffiti’d tables.

While Last Beer at the Pig’s Ear is in the final stages of production, the producers have hit a major snag – a financial one that could keep the film from being released.

“Our biggest problem, moneywise, is regarding the music rights for all the covers we filmed at the Blues Jam and on all the other nights of frolics.  The last song sung at the Pig, for instance, an hour before it closed, was Andrea the bartender’s son, Eric Fines, performing a wonderful version of the Sam Cooke song ‘Change Has Got to Come.’  We’ve found out it will cost us a staggering 3,000 dollars alone for the rights to use it.”

For that reason, they’ve started a crowd-funding program to help pay for some of these costs – and while they are reaching out to the Peterborough community, they’re also reaching out to the Trent one as well. After all, The Pig was truly a Trent tradition.

“We’ve gathered some fantastic Trent Alumni stories from the mid sixties to the present,” he notes. “It’s hard to imagine that Trent opened ten years before woman were actually allowed to drink outside of the ladies and escort room.”

Some Trent moments?

“We’ve got Pig’s Ear Diploma ceremonies. We have (Professor) Ray Dart’s business class reviewing for a final exam over a tray of beers and pickled eggs. We filmed a Trent pub crawl night, a karaoke night, plus a slew of Trent re-unions.  One guy we interviewed actually flew in from Seattle to have one last beer at the Pig. The love that Trent students of all ages feel for the Piggy was really quite astonishing.”

According to Blow, its "mayday" time.

"We are worried, because of the legal insurance barriers that we face, that we won’t be able to get the film distributed across the country, in festivals, or on TV, and that thousands of Trent Alumni might not get a chance to see it."

Which would rob the Pig of the farewell it so truly deserves.

For more information on the film, to check out footage, and to offer your financial support, please visit www.pigseardoc.ca

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