Students/Alumni “Rocking” Innovative Businesses

Andressa Lacerda in the lab.The Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster has just highlighted a series of women who are leading the pack when it comes to successful new business start-ups.  Among them: student Brooke Hammer and alumnae Sana Virji, Andressa Lacerda, and Alesia Blackwood.

"The Innovation Cluster works with so many incredible boss ladies, it was difficult to choose just one – so we decided to highlight 9 women who are rocking innovative businesses. We asked them to share what their business is, a short biography and some great advice and quotes to inspire you. Check out what makes these boss ladies tick!"

For the full article -- and for more information on these successful Trent women -- please visit the Innovation Cluster page.

#TrentVoices interviewed Andressa Lacerda earlier this year.

"2015 Ph.D. grad Andressa Lacerda is in mid-career stride, despite being only 26. She’s a founding partner and the CFO in Noble Inc., a company that will manufacture and distribute filtration systems to remove nanosilvers from wastewater as well as introduce pharmaceuticals that will cure cancer and diseases that are caused by virus’. Her partner in this is Adam Noble, a whiz-kid who has set both the Trent community and world on fire with research that he accomplished in the labs at the university when he was just a high school student. Andessa helped mentor Adam into becoming one of Canada’s “20 Under 20” in 2014. Together they have just signed on as cornerstone tenants of Trent University’s new Research and Innovation Park, with a $20 million, 50,000-square-foot production facility to be built soon. Andressa’s own research has shed new light onto neurological disorders – in particular how mutations of LITAF protein cause the genetic Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. It’s a fascinating discussion – and one where another of Andressa’s talents shine: the ability to take complex ideas and make them relatable to students and laypeople.'


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