Trent Alum, Jamie Doran ‘92, Launches Hilarious New Board Game

Finishit Board Game set up for play.Trent Alumnus Jamie Doran ‘92 has just released what he hopes will become the next big party game. Doran and business partner, Jeff Huber, launched FINISHIT this past Saturday afternoon in downtown Peterborough, with support from Trent University Alumni Affairs, the Olde Stone Brewing Company, and Print Ninja. The game is being produced in partnership with a new toy & game company called Kyfak Inc.

FINISHIT is a tabletop game that's fun for almost everyone. It's recommended for ages 13 and up. The object is to gain points by being the best or worst at completing short phrases. Yes, in this game players get points for being awesome or terrible. A “judge” decrees who are the best and worst Scribes in each round, while a “Bomber”, a “Scribe” who modifies others’ responses, hopes to gain the advantage and win the round.

'It's essentially a recipe for laughter." Doran says.

At the launch party the attendees learned how to play FINISHIT via five mini games. The party goers were fully engaged and there was no end to the laughing. By playing the mini games, they earned chances to win prizes donated by Trent University, the Olde Stone, Print Ninja, and Kyfak. People left with copies of the new game, great prizes, and wide smiles.

“It’s rewarding to highlight Trent alumni who are doing interesting things,” said Lee Hays, Director, Alumni Affairs, Trent University. “Being here with Jamie for the launch of his (and Kyfak’s) first board game is a unique opportunity. It’s a success story for Peterborough and Trent University.”

"We are thrilled to host the launch of FINISHIT and are beyond happy to support local entrepreneurs Jamie Doran and Jeff Huber with their exciting new business venture,” noted Andrea Reid of Olde Stone Brewing Company. ‘We also look forward to adding FINISHIT to our popular Monday night games nights; it's the perfect addition!"

Doran is a Trent University Alum, and Peterborough native with family ties to the area.

"I'm living in Guelph these days but call Peterborough, home." Doran says. "It was important for me to bring our new game to my home town and share it with everyone."

He explains that he's made his family and friends test out lots of the games he's invented over the years. In fact, many of those who played an early version of FINISHIT became the first customers.

"People are genuinely excited about FINISHIT,” said Huber, who is also Vice President of Kyfak Inc. “There's a buzz on social media. Kyfak's already sold 100 copies of the 500 games in our first production run."

Doran is the former CEO of Innovation Guelph and now President of Kyfak Inc. He and Huber started Kyfak Inc. as a vehicle to develop and release toy and game products. They plan to take FINISHIT on the new game circuit in the new year looking for a mass market distributor in Canada, USA, and Europe.

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