Wiigwossi Jiimaanke (Making a Birchbark Canoe) Exhibit

Birchbark canoe in Bata Library.Trent’s Indigenous Studies PhD program and the Indigenous Studies department invite students, staff and faculty to join them on a journey of resurgence—wiigwossi jiimaanke—building a birchbark canoe..

"Our wiigwossi jiimaan will be a both living being, and a functional vehicle. Building this jiimaan together, as a community and guided by Artists-In-Residence Kevin Finney and Jillian Collins, will connect and reconnect us to the land, the trees, and the water, as well as to each other. As our hands work with the natural materials, our hearts and minds will interact. We will visit sharing stories and knowledges, as we create."

Construction of the birch bark canoe will take place daily in the Bata library Atrium beginning February 6th through to Monday February 20th.

"We are very pleased to have the library partner with the students, faculty and the artists-in-residence, Kevin Finney and Jillian Collins to help bring Indigenous Knowledge to the Trent University community in a very real and personal way," stated Robert Clarke, University Librarian.

Everyone is invited to please drop in, visit, ask questions and use your hands.

For more information about this exhibit, please contact: Brenda Maracle O'Toole, Graduate Program Assistant, Indigenous Studies Phd Program, Trent University.

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