#TBT Podcast Interview with Alumna/Peterborough City Councillor Diane Therrien

Throwing back to two summers ago, we're serving up a podcast interview with alumna and former "Young Leader" Alumni Award winner, Diane Therrien '10.

As a young, vibrant twenty-something woman, Therrien skewed the traditional demographics of Peterborough's City Hall when she was elected in 2014. City Councillor, Trent Alumni Councillor, all 'round good person, she chats about politics, activism, and local beer.

This interview is meant to whet your appetite. We are currently working on a series of podcasts of "women in power" -- elected officials at all 3 levels of government. Our first interview of the series, with longstanding former Peterborough Mayor, Sylvia Sutherland '68, will stream in August.

Be sure to browse our complete list of podcast episodes, including interviews with noteworthy alumni such as Yann Martel, Linwood Barclay, Maryam Monsef, Don Tapscott, Andressa Lacerda, Jack Roe, Christopher Ward, and much, much more.

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