Trent Alumnus John Horgan ’79 Named New Premier of British Columbia

John Horgan ‘79 takes his Trent degree to the pinnacle of politics in B.C.

John Horgan at an airport.

Photo courtesy of the BC NDP Party.

As the new Premier, leader of the British Columbia New Democratic Party, and MLA for the constituency of Juan de Fuca in the province of British Columbia, John Horgan '79 exemplifies the potential of a humanities degree from Trent University.

In a quote from his website, Mr. Horgan states: “I’ve been shaped by the people I’ve met along the way. I’ve had great role models and I’ve had great mentors and a little bit of good luck. Now as a leader in a political movement I want to pay that forward.”

On only his second day at Trent, he met the love of his life, Ellie.

While taking the bus back from the university, he asked Ellie out. She said yes, and they’ve been together ever since.

“Of all the good things that have happened in my life, she’s the best.”

John Horgan and his wife, Ellie.After completing his undergraduate studies in history and Canadian studies at Trent, and his Masters degree in history in Australia, Mr. Horgan came back to Canada, first working in Ottawa before settling in Langford, B.C.

Shortly after, Mr. Horgan entered politics, rising to chief of staff for interim B.C. premier Dan Miller. He has been an MLA since 2005 and became the leader of the BC New Democratic Party in 2014.

In the May 2017 provincial election, Premier Christy Clark's Liberal government was reduced to 43 seats, one seat short of a majority. On May 29, the NDP and Green Party reached an agreement in which the Greens would support an NDP minority government. Ms. Clark recalled the legislature and attempted to gain confidence for a Liberal government but fell to a non-confidence motion on June 29, 2017, which was won by the NDP-Green alliance. Mr. Horgan succeeded Clark as the 36th Premier of British Columbia.

An article from the National Post lists his undergraduate degree at Trent University among the top five things to know about Mr. Horgan.

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